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We Buy Houses – Fayette County is here to help property owners out of any kind of situation. There are no fees, costs, commissions, etc. Just a straightforward CASH offer from us to you, on your property. We make the process simple.

We Buy Houses Fayette County helps hundreds of property owners every year who wish to sell their property without hassle, for cash. Selling your property with a traditional real estate agent costs you time and commission. Your property might sit on the market for years while you pay the utility bills, taxes, maintenance costs and other expenses. In our streamlined buying process, we speak with you about your property, offer you a cash offer, you let us know what you think, and if accepted, we cover all closing costs for you at the time of sale. In short, we make the process simple.  We may not be the “traditional” route, but we offer incentives that no one else can offer you, such as covering all closing costs and paying ALL proceeds to you, as the seller, guaranteeing you get the best price for your property. We have all 5 star reviews from our past sellers, who are extremely happy with the help we provided to them when we bought their property. We’d be glad to connect you with references prior to selling your property to us. Our reputation stands on its own, and we are very proud of our company and our professional relationships that we’ve formed with local sellers in our community. What we offer can’t be offered elsewhere. We can help with any situation and we can do it quickly! There is no commission to pay a real estate agent, no wait time and no headaches.

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