Thank you for considering us- it’s so nice to meet you!

We want to introduce ourselves to you and show you the faces and story behind our name and signs that you see all around the Uniontown and Fayette County, PA area. We are Josh & Jordan, the hearts and souls behind We Buy Houses Fayette County. We have a passion for God, real estate, people and the SWPA area. We believe that we have been given the opportunity to help so many of you because of the genuine desire we have to help others, improve and revitalize our community and be a comfort when others are in need of solutions to their real estate problems. Seeing an opportunity to combine the passions of ours dealing with people and real estate in our community is a dream come true for us, and the relief and joy that we see on a distressed seller’s face when we are able to help them through a hard time, helping them determine the best solution for their real estate problem, and remove the often unimaginable stress from their shoulders is worth every bit of our hard work and dedication to our community and sellers.


Whether the solution we can provide is seamlessly buying their property from them for a fair cash price and handling any costs for them whatsoever, to guiding them to a real estate agent who can help them, finding them alternative housing through our extensive network, or just being a lending ear to offer guidance and support with their situation, we are here to truly help.

We believe that our genuine nature and our desire to serve our community in this way has been a huge part of our success. We have been blessed to be a relief to others through We Buy Houses – Fayette County and we seek to share that blessing with those who need options out of a difficult property ownership situation. Please do not feel alone or  ashamed. It is not too late to turn your situation around for the BETTER! We have helped SO many overcome a seemingly impossible situation and we will help you with a solution centered by compassion, understanding and a solution that places your individual needs first, as you deserve.

Once again, thank you truly so much for allowing us into your hearts, into your lives and into your homes and properties, allowing us to make a difference. God bless you all and we look forward to speaking with you soon!


Jordan & Josh

We Buy Houses – Fayette County

P.S. If you’re wondering who the adorable, happy fur ball in our photo is, that’s Conrad. He’s our 6 year old cocker spaniel and he’s very spoiled. He likes buying houses and multi-units, too.


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